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Tattered Teddies: An interactive handbook about the awareness and prevention of suicide in children

“Tattered Teddies is a valuable contribution in that it provides information which is evidence-based and drawn from current research within the child suicide field…The authors also included information regarding prevention, intervention, and postvention which professionals can extend to the family, friends, and school-wide programs of a child with whom they are working. One final innovative area is the inclusion of a chapter addressing the often overlooked area pertaining to self-care for those dealing with children facing these difficult interpersonal issues.”
-Rebecca Goodney, MS and Julie Cerel, PhD
American Association of Suicidology, Book Reviewers

“My own assessment of the handbook is that it is very useful. The content is thorough and evidence-based, which I like. There is material for both families and professionals who work in this area. The handbook is also extremely well written and user friendly. I would definitely use it again, if the situation was appropriate.”
- Keith S. Dobson, Ph.D.R. Psych.
Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary

River of Life: Online Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Course

“Even though I work at an Aboriginal organization, I learned a great deal more about the historic events that are still impacting our youth today. I have developed a greater understanding and awareness of Aboriginal youth suicide and the different factors that influence its high rates.”
- Emily Boudreau
Program Coordinator, National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

 “The overall process of suicide intervention was very helpful, as well as the examples provided in the video and through the skits. Trainers were clear and provided excellent opportunities for class discussion, where valuable information was shared between classmates.”

- Anonymous, ASIST participant

Tattered Teddies: Preventing Suicide in Children Workshop

“Great workshop, it will be very helpful! This should be a requirement when working with children. Great instructor!”
- Anonymous, Tattered Teddies Workshop participant
“This workshop has given me the open door I needed in seeking help and supporting someone struggling with the topic of suicide in children.”
-  Anonymous, Tattered Teddies Workshop participant
“The thing I will remember the most about this workshop is that it is important to intervene early as children who talk about suicide are more likely to attempt later in adolescence.”
- Anonymous, Tattered Teddies Workshop participant

Straight Talk: Youth Suicide Prevention Workshop

“The youth suicide workshop provided me with an excellent thorough review. Group discussions are very interesting.”
- Anonymous, Straight Talk Workshop participant
 “My knowledge of the course has given me the appropriate tools to assist youth in suicide prevention. Great Course!”
- Anonymous, Straight Talk Workshop participant
“My knowledge has definitely increased in the area of youth suicide prevention. My confidence has increased as well, thank you!”
- Anonymous, Straight Talk Workshop participant

safeTALK: suicide awareness for everyone

“safeTALK was really eye opening to see what can be done to help prevent others from committing suicide.”
- Anonymous, safeTALK Workshop participant

ASIST Training for Trainers

“My experience was so profound that I left the training experiencing healing and feeling gratitude and honour that I have the opportunity to become part of the most professional training organization I have encountered.”
- Dixie Estrin
ASIST Trainer, speaking of training for trainers seminar






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