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iE6 (infoExchange): Teen Suicide - Is there an epidemic?
New column asks whether there is cause for alarm surrounding suicides among youth.



Suicide and homicide - suicide among police by Antoon Leenaars
Noted Canadian scholar Leenaars examines suicide and homicide-suicide among law enforcement personnel in North America.
Baywood Publishing. (2010). 201p.


Responding to self-harm in children and adolescents by Steven Walker An accessible guide which provides essential information on understanding self-harm among the young. This includes a listing of risk factors, the meaning and causes of self-harm and the appropriate responses to take in intervention situations.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (2012). 141p.



Third World Canada
Filmmaker Andree Cazabon documents life and death in a remote and impoverished First Nations community in Northern Ontario.
Andree Cazabon Productions. (2010). 47 min.
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Hidden Face of Suicide

Yehudit Silverman films survivors (those who have lost loved ones to suicide) going through the grieving process and addressing the stigma of suicide through the use of masks.
Yehudit Silverman. (2010). 59 min.
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