What's New in the Library - Spring 2014

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iE14: Natural Disasters and Rates of Suicide: A Connection?
New column which examines the phenomenon of natural disasters and whether they have an impact on rates of suicide.

Suicide and the Military
A review and summary of renowned Canadian suicidologist Antoon Leenaars' new book, Suicide Among the Armed Forces: Understanding the Cost of Service


The Perversion of Virtue: Understanding Murder-Suicide by Thomas Joiner. Oxford University Press.(2014).254 p.
American suicidologist , Thomas Joiner, insightfully examines the phenomenon of murder-suicide in American culture.

Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt by Kevin Hines.Rowan and Littefield Publishers.(2013). 174 p.
An engaging survivor’s account of his attempted suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.



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