What's New in the Library - Summer 2012

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 iE8:Prison Inmate Suicide - Why it Matters 

New column examining the current political climate favouring  punitive justice over prisoner rehabilitation and how it might affect the prison population in regards to suicide.



Beneath the Smile - A Women's Suicide Prevention Toolkit

A collection of resources, links, statistics, and facts concerning  depression and suicide in relation to women.



The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Suicide Assessment and Management (second edition) eds. Robert I. Simon and Robert E. Hales. 
A comprehensive collection of research addressing key areas of suicide assessment and suicidology. (2012). 744 p.


Remembering Tom
Classic National Film Board of Canada documentary on bereavement originally made in 1999. Tom was an 18 year old who killed himself. This film explores how his surviving family deals with the aftermath of his suicide and the choices they adopt to cope with the tragedy.Directed by Daryl Davis. (2008). 24 min.


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