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 iE11: Canada’s Aboriginal Communities and Suicide: Called to Listen, Called to Understand
New column looks at the underlying causes of the high rates of suicide in some of Canada’s Aboriginal communities.


Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Resource Toolkit
A collection of statistics, risk and protective factors, and programs relating to suicide and suicide prevention in Canada’s Aboriginal communities.



Teen Suicide Risk: A Practitioner’s Guide to Screening, Assessment, and Management by Cheryl A. King, Cynthia Foster and Kelly Rogalski.The Guilford Press. (2013). 208 p.
This book offers detailed and practical approaches to dealing with suicide in the teen population. Aimed for the practitioner.


Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook. Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia.186 p.
Guide for college and university faculty and staff to help them identify student stress and mental health concerns. Click here to download a free copy. 


Cognitive Behavioural Prevention of Suicide in Psychosis: A Treatment Manual by Nicholas Tarrier, et al.Routledge. (2013). 246 p. Clinical research into how psychotic disorders can underlie suicidal behaviours and the application of cognitive therapy for suicide prevention.



Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me
TSN broadcaster Michael Landesberg profiles athletes Daryl Strawberry, Stephan Richer and Clara Hughes and their stories of depression and hope. McIntyre Media Inc.(2012).45 min.

When You Are Left 2 Live
This DVD with accompanying Facilitator's Guide is a powerful learning tool for practitioners who work with young people. Discover, understand, and learn to respond to the unique aspects of the grieving and healing process in teens and young adults.  The Left 2 Live DVD and facilitator's guide can assist professionals to prepare for, and help prevent, suicides by young people.B.C. Council for Families.(2011).180 min.
Click here to view the DVD segments
Click here to download the facilitator’s guide

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