What's New in the Library - Winter 2012

Online Resources

 iE9: By the Numbers - Suicide Costs and Other Stats

New column addressing the use of facts and figures to advocate for the prevention of suicide.


 Gay and Suicidal: Sexual and Gender Minorities and Suicide Resource Toolkit

 A collection of resources, links, statistics, and facts pertinent to the LGBTQ community and its risk of suicide.



Suicide and Culture: Understanding the Context eds. Erminia Colucci and  David Lester. Hogrefe & Huber Publishing. (2012). 269 p.

A collection of essays on issues on suicide from a cultural context. (2012). 269p. 


Swallow: A Novel by Theanna Bischoff. NeWest Press. (2012). 283 p.
A young woman struggles to come-to-grips with her sister’s suicide and her own subsequent major depression. 



The Next Day: A Graphic Novella by John Porcellino, Paul Peterson and Jason Gilmore.Pop Sandbox Production and Publishing.(2011).104 p.

Graphic novel depicting four individuals and their attempts at suicide.

Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? By Rob Cover. Ashgate Publishing. (2012). 172 p.
Rob Cover explores the complex issues surrounding suicide and the LGBTQ community .



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